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How to Book

Thanks for taking the time to look through the many exciting travel packages and options we have available. 

If you are all set and know what you want, terrific!  Just contact me by phone or email, and let’s get it done!  If you aren’t quite ready yet, or perhaps didn’t find what you were looking for or have questions or need ideas, then I am here to help!

In addition to needing basic information about your travel request, such as dates, destination, and other travel options you may require, I will need the names of all travelers spelled exactly as they appear on your Government issued ID and/or passport.  Date of births also need to be supplied now according to new TSA rules.  

My many certifications and professional travel training help me provide a personal touch as your travel planner to make your travel experience the best it can possibly be.  Whether your request is for an individual, a group, or an entire organization, I will give you the individual service and attention you need to make this happen the way you want, matching your expectations to the right travel experience. 

Contact me today and lets get started!